A report on Unitarian Universalist values

Unitarian Universalism is an evolving religion, by design, and the Unitarian Universalist Association is in the process of reexamining and amending our Seven Principles. The purpose of the change is to focus UU on being “a relevant and powerful force for spiritual and moral … read more.

Our Fellowship’s pandemic guidelines

We’re meeting in person again, but we still take precautions.

We encourage people to be vaccinated and boosted to protect against COVID. (We think our Fellowship is nearly 100 percent vaccinated (honor system) but we don’t require vaccination cards.)

We encourage social distancing in Grace Fellowship … read more.

Watch Col. Puckett’s Medal of Honor ceremony

On May 21, President Biden awarded Col. Ralph Puckett of Columbus the Medal of Honor for his actions during a battle for Hill 205 during the Korean War. Col. We honored Col. during our Sunday service on July 18. You can watch the video of … read more.

A Covid-19 Journal

By Connie Ussery

Ron and Connie Ussery, long-time members of our Fellowship, have recovered from Covid-19. They led our Sunday service and talked about the experience on Nov. 22. This is Connie’s journal of that experiment. But first, here are some background resources for context:

Ledger-Enquirer’s October … read more.

Two UUFC pandemic stories

Got pandemic problems. Please do reach out to your UUFC family if you need help. In fact, that’s already happening. Here are a couple of stories.

Elise Leonard had been without air conditioning for most of the summer, and when the 95-degree heat arrived the effect … read more.

Creek and Pavilion improvements

UUFC member Lisa Pyburn, who is no stranger to construction and restoration, has taken it upon herself to do a major rehab of our property along Heiferhorn Creek and around the Pavilion. That included hiring a crew to help her clear brush and debris.

Lisa Pyburn … read more.

In-person Sunday services postponed until Sept. 6

The UUFC Board of Trustees met Wednesday, July 1, and voted to postpone our return to services at Grace Fellowship Hall until Sunday, Sept. 6.

UUFC President Hal Midgette said, “I believe in free will, but this is not the time to say, ‘Open up.’” Lay … read more.

This week’s service on YouTube

This is the third Sunday in the month, the day we Give Away the Plate. G.A.T.P. recipient this month is the Equal Justice

Chattahoochee Chalice in a new format

By Bill Harlan

We’ve launched new format for our monthly newsletter, the Chattahoochee Chalice.

It’s a bit of an experiment on my part. I hope the new format will be faster and easier to produce. It will also help us provide more timely information. This format also coordinates … read more.

Dinner theater March 22-23

Enjoy a great dinner and help solve the mystery.  Dr. Merritt has developed a cure (or curse?) for the common cold, but enemies and jealousies wind their ways through scene after scene as side effects appear. It’s a classic “who done it” in the dinner theater … read more.

Columbus Clean Energy Resolution


for a Columbus City Council vote on Tuesday, Aug. 22, 2023


WHEREAS, there is a strong scientific consensus regarding the reality of climate … read more.

UUFC President’s Letter August 15, 2023

Letter from President, Connie Ussery

Dear UUFC Members and Friends,

With three new Trustees (two are recent members as well), your Board of Trustees has been hard at work since January–so hard that I have been slow to report to you on all that has been accomplished … read more.

UUFC President’s Letter March 1, 2023

Letter from President, Connie Ussery

March, 2023

Greetings on this beautiful week of Spring weather.  I hope you are outside and enjoying the sunshine, and the flowers, and the pollen (alas).

This Sunday, please welcome our new member, Scott May, who lives in Newnan but drives down to … read more.

UUFC President’s Letter October 27, 2022

Dear UU members and friends,

We are currently in a period of celebrations: 

Diwali, the Hindu festival of light, celebrating good over evilSamhain, the Celtic celebration of the harvest                                   Halloween, a time for trick or treating All Saints Day, November 1, a day of remembrance of canonized Christians … read more.

UUFC President’s Letter June, 28, 2022

UUFC Board President’s Letter June 28, 2022

Dear UU members and friends,

On June 24, just after the official beginning of Summer, all of the planets aligned along the plane of the ecliptic, the cosmic necklace, the crown jewels of our solar system. According to some astronomers, … read more.

UUFC President’s Letter May 22, 2022

UUFC President’s Letter May 22, 2022

Dear UU members and friends,

In this time of worry about Covid, politics, mass shootings, and the Ukrainian war, it’s uplifting to recall the lyrics from the old “Cheers” sitcom: sometimes you want to go where everybody knows your name and … read more.