UUFC President’s Letter March 19, 2024

UUFC President’s Letter March 19, 2024  

Greetings everyone, and Happy Ostara, Spring Equinox, St. Patrick’s Day, and Easter.   

Please join us every time we meet outside during this amazing weather or just anytime.  Come and have your own private picnic in our pavilion.  Look for tadpoles in the stream.  Bring some rackets and play badminton.   Draw a Four Square game with chalk on the parking lot.  Walk the path in the woods and around the Bee and Butterfly crop circles.  Sit in the Meditation Garden or on the bench by the creek.  Catch and release some bugs.  We might need a free library of bug, rock, plant and bird books.  Enjoy our campus and bring friends and family.  That’s what it is here for and now is the time.  These grounds were the reason we daringly purchased the Heiferhorn Way campus and moved our fellowship from its comfortable (though crowded and a bit dangerous for the parking situation) house on Double Churches Road.

Can you believe it has been nine years since we moved?  So we are already planning our 10 year Anniversary Celebration for March 9, 2025.   A copy of our UUFC History Book, compiled by Brenda Stevens and Joyce Hickson, who added to the previous History Book that John Nix completed in 2015, will be featured in that anniversary celebration.  A copy is now available to view in the Library.  It cannot be checked out, but it’s there if you want to see it.

PLEASE send to UUFCga@gmail.com any pictures you have of UUFC and events, new or old.  We need them for the next History Book, for our PowerPoint presentation in the Sunday morning conversation area, for marketing, and for the website.  We also need them for our 10th Anniversary in the Heiferhorn Way building. 

So much has changed since we moved nine years ago.  For the first time in our history, we have a significant Youth/young adult group thanks to Stephanie Robichaux and Amanda Jones.  This group not only participates in the Fellowship, but also in our Earth-Centered Spirituality group.   Stephanie reported that they have been meeting on Wednesday nights for about six weeks now. Topics have ranged from serious conversations about mental health and the LGBTQIA community to light-hearted fun topics like what is anime.  Stephanie and some of the youth volunteers began painting their upstairs meeting room on Saturday, March 23. 

Many of the youth and children joined in a Spring Equinox Celebration on March 20.  We enjoyed Irish Potluck food, participated an Old Norse Rebirth Rite, and we spun the Prize Wheel for some fabulous prizes. Almost everyone joined in an All-Ages Glow Egg Hunt.  It was a lot of fun and the glowing eggs were beautiful.  Thanks, Amanda, Amos, the Jones Crew (Lily, Wyatt, Leah, DJ, George, and Brady and Kai) for hosting this event, and thanks to Ursula and Lisa for pitching in as you always do.  Stephanie helped out too, especially with the Youth skit.

We’ve started having our UU minister and friend, Rev. Marti Keller, speak more often.  In observance of Women’s History Month, she gave a heart-felt talk about the founders of the women’s movement and the obstacles still stubbornly blocking hopes of some day ratifying an Equal Rights Amendment.  Look for more programs from Rev. Keller and watch for the UUFC emails from Brenda about programs and events coming up.

Connie started offering Adult Religious Education at 10 a.m., on March 10.  RE will be held every Sunday morning except 1st Sundays when Joanie offers Meditation. The RE program is likely to change soon. Come and discuss how this program should evolve.

Our congregation donated $325 for Wynnton Neighborhood network this month.  Be sure to bring your non-perishable snack foods throughout March and April to donate to the Smith Station Elementary School backpack program for kids who need food at home.

Our Assistive Hearing System is up and running. Soon we’ll add the ADA official sign for hearing assistance on our building and our website. The technology has been installed, directions have been corrected. It should be ready to use. Orm and Ron (and maybe Amos) will help Android users connect. 

Following a hot water burn incident at our Sunday morning refreshment counter, the Board discussed improvements to our coffee and hot water stations and other safety protocols.  Bill Turman designed risers for both pots so that cups fit easily under the dispensers.  Please do not bring tall coffee cups—use the ones in our collection.  Judy Barnett researched items needed for a church first aid kit, purchased everything that applied to our fellowship and donated the new kit.  It is now in plain sight, sitting on the AED cabinet on the wall to the right of the refreshments bar.

In addition, Judy’s research indicated that our fellowship needs to take the following measures immediately in order to prepare for common emergencies:

    1–Designate one or two “First Aiders” who have some training in CPR and first aid.  

    2-Assemble First Aid kits for locations indoors and outside since we have gatherings in several places. 

        These supplies should be checked annually.

    3–Plan AED and first aid training for everyone willing to train. 

    4–Establish protocols, including steps to address any common issues that might arise.

    5–Complete an Incident Report for Fellowship records and make a copy for the President or a Board member so they can contact the person involved later if necessary. 

Safety guidelines and protocol were provided to Brenda for our Handbook. 

At a later time, we will discuss plans for safety drills and evacuation plans.

Both restrooms in the Great Hall need some improvement. The Board and Design Team are discussing the issues: How far to go with a renovation and how much it might cost? Should our goal be to renovate, make them ADA approved for wheelchair accessibility, or just make them more attractive?  If you have ideas or concerns regarding these major upgrades, let Connie or Brenda know.

Don’t forget that we need singers.  It’s a little lonely up there, but I love the music and the hymns.  Step up and join the choir and be part of it all.  If not the choir, find your place in our fellowship with others who share your interests.


Connie Ussery, President, Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Columbus GA