Creek and Pavilion improvements

UUFC member Lisa Pyburn, who is no stranger to construction and restoration, has taken it upon herself to do a major rehab of our property along Heiferhorn Creek and around the Pavilion. That included hiring a crew to help her clear brush and debris.

Lisa Pyburn and our new, improved creekside

The city already has hauled away the giant pile of brush and debris Lisa and her crew collected. She also recycled pieces of asphalt by assembling them, in jigsaw-puzzle fashion, in paths that will help stabilize the slope leading to creek.

Lisa also donated three picnic tables for the Pavilion. While our campus remains closed for regular UU events, very small groups of members and friends—following social distancing rules— already have used the pavilion and the Meditation Garden.

A handrail is coming, too

Board Member Joyce Hickson rounded up a handful of generous donors to pay for the installation of a handrail that will make the Pavilion more accessible for many of our members and friends. A contractor already has been selected. When we return to our campus, and we will return, it will even better than before the pandemic.

The Pavilion is now clean and usable

Thank you Lisa and thank you to those contributors to the handrail project.