What’s happening the week of Oct. 3-Oct. 9

10/5 Wed. 6:00pm-Choir Practice
10/5 Wed. 7:00pm-Discussion Group- “The Vice-Presidential Debate”
10/6 Thur. 7:00pm-Exploring Spirituality
10/7 Frid. Noon – Media Lunch Group meets at Cafe Amichi
10/9 Sunday Program -10:40am- Rev. Kim Minor from UU, Macon, Georgia. Title: “Accidents Happen: A Service for Yom Kippur”
10/9 Sun. 9:30am – Adult Religious Education: “Building Your Own Theology”
10/9 Sun. 10:30am – Children’s Religious Education: 5th Principle of UU: “We believe all persons should have a vote about the things that concern them”

What’s happening the week of Sept. 26-Oct. 2

Tues. 9/27, 5:00pm – Women’s Book Club
Wed. 9/28, 6:00pm – Choir Practice (UU Singers)
Wed. 9/28, 7:00pm – Discussion Group topic: “Debunking Myths”
Friday 9/30, noon -Media Lunch Group at Cafe Amici.
Sunday 10/02
10:40 Program: Molly Gross, Assistant Professor, Andrew College. Title “A Woman’s Place”.
9:30 Adult Religious Education- “Building Your Own Theology”
10:30 Children’s Religious Education – UU 4th Principle: “We Believe People Must be Free to Search for What is True and Right in Life”.

What’s happening the week of Sept. 5-11

This Sunday’s speaker will be Columbus State University President Chris Markwood, who will present “Facts and Stories from Columbus State University.” We’ll also start our eight-week series, “Building Your Own Theology.”