UUFC President’s Letter March 1, 2023

Letter from President, Connie Ussery

March, 2023

Greetings on this beautiful week of Spring weather.  I hope you are outside and enjoying the sunshine, and the flowers, and the pollen (alas).

This Sunday, please welcome our new member, Scott May, who lives in Newnan but drives down to … read more.

What’s happening the week of Oct. 3-Oct. 9

10/5 Wed. 6:00pm-Choir Practice
10/5 Wed. 7:00pm-Discussion Group- “The Vice-Presidential Debate”
10/6 Thur. 7:00pm-Exploring Spirituality
10/7 Frid. Noon – Media Lunch Group meets at Cafe Amichi
10/9 Sunday Program -10:40am- Rev. Kim Minor from UU, Macon, Georgia. Title: “Accidents Happen: A Service for Yom Kippur”
10/9 Sun. 9:30am – Adult Religious Education: “Building Your Own Theology”
10/9 Sun. 10:30am – Children’s Religious Education: 5th Principle of UU: “We believe all persons should have a vote about the things that concern them”

What’s happening the week of Sept. 26-Oct. 2

Tues. 9/27, 5:00pm – Women’s Book Club
Wed. 9/28, 6:00pm – Choir Practice (UU Singers)
Wed. 9/28, 7:00pm – Discussion Group topic: “Debunking Myths”
Friday 9/30, noon -Media Lunch Group at Cafe Amici.
Sunday 10/02
10:40 Program: Molly Gross, Assistant Professor, Andrew College. Title “A Woman’s Place”.
9:30 Adult Religious Education- “Building Your Own Theology”
10:30 Children’s Religious Education – UU 4th Principle: “We Believe People Must be Free to Search for What is True and Right in Life”.

What’s happening the week of Sept. 5-11

This Sunday’s speaker will be Columbus State University President Chris Markwood, who will present “Facts and Stories from Columbus State University.” We’ll also start our eight-week series, “Building Your Own Theology.”

What’s happening the week of Aug. 29–Sept. 4

This Sunday, Sept. 4, we’ll hold the Water Ceremony. This year we’ll emphasize the power in each drop of water has as it combines with other drops and still others to replenish the earth. Bring a small sample of water from a source that’s important to you or take a little from the water we will provide. Talk briefly or add your water to the whole as a silent offering.

Weekly Announcements 8/8 – 8/14

Wed. 8/10, 7:00pm-Discussion Group. Topic: “How to Prevent Young Muslim Radicalization”.
Thu. 8/11, 5:30pm- Women’s Group. Dinner at Ezell’s.
Fri. 8/12, 12:30pm- Media Lunch Group, Cafe Amici.
Sunday 8/14, 10:40am Program: Jim Humphries, retired clinical service chief at psychiatric hospitals. Title: “Spirituality: A Free and Responsible Search for Truth and Meaning”.
9:30 Adult Religious Education, “The Life of Buddha”.
10:30 Children’s Religious Education, “Success”.

What’s happening the week of Aug. 1-7

This Sunday (Aug. 7), Rick Spradlin, will talk about “The Challenge of Tolerance.” And the first Sunday of each month we also share a covered-dish lunch after the service. Visitors are always welcome.

What’s happening the week of July 25-31

Our speaker on Sunday (July 31) will be the Rev. Ed Helton, who Join us for coffee and light refreshments before the service, whose topic is particularly relevant this year. His title: “Civil Discourse: Romans 2:1-11.” Click “read more” for details of other activities.

What’s happening the week of July 18-24

The speaker this Sunday (July 24) is retired Army Col. Robert B. Simpson, who will talk about “Three Lives Worth Living”—stories of forgiveness, transformation and redemption that emerged from the horror of World War II.