Two UUFC pandemic stories

Got pandemic problems. Please do reach out to your UUFC family if you need help. In fact, that’s already happening. Here are a couple of stories.

Elise Leonard had been without air conditioning for most of the summer, and when the 95-degree heat arrived the effect on her was dramatic. Unfortunately, she didn’t notice how truly awful she was feeling, trapped in an oven of a house. Fortunately, members of her Zoom yoga group did notice that Elise didn’t look well. Yoga instructor and UUFC member Judy Barnett and some yoga friends reached out to provide relief. You can watch Elise tell the story herself as part of our July 26 Sunday service on YouTube. (Go to 34:08, or watch the whole service!)

As a follow-up, were’ happy to report Elise found the right contractor to provide the best long-term air-conditioning solution. She’s cool now. (Not that she wasn’t cool before, but…you know.)

Story number two. Dianne Wages recently tried to start her car, only to discover her battery was dead. She decided to take our advice and call some UUFC friends. Dianne reported her story on Facebook as follows:

What an interesting morning!

Ron Ussery got my car started. Connie Ussery followed me to the car place and then took me to pick up a few groceries. I finished first and went out to the car which was unlocked. I put my groceries in and sat in the front seat to wait for Connie. I heard the door lock click and saw a man approaching the car. He said are you sure you’re in the right car? Oh dear Gussie!!! Connie’s car was parked in front of his!!! About that time she came out so we transferred the groceries and I apologized profusely. I can’t imagine what he thought finding this strange older woman sitting in his front seat. 

As for the car, supposedly the battery was drained because the map light on the passenger side was left on. But I never use that. Friday I checked the car for something in the back seat.  Apparently I left the car unlocked and someone may have gone through the car Friday, Saturday or Sunday night and turned on that light. The battery has been charged and the nice fellow gave me his cell phone. I’m supposed to crank the car in a few hours and if it won’t start, I ‘m to call him and he will come jump it off to get it back up there.

Three life lessons today. Always make sure your car is locked. Always make sure you’re getting in the right car. And there are some really good people!!!!

Yes, there are good people. If you need help, call a Fellowship friend. Or email us at, with “Help!” in the subject line. Brenda Stevens is an excellent traffic manager. She’ll get your request to the right people.