Who we are in a three-minute video

“We are Unitarian Universalists” sums us up our beliefs. (Copyright: Unitarian Universalist Association.)

The following text also comes from uua.org.

Unitarian Universalism emerged from two different religions; Unitarianism and Universalism. Both Unitarianism and Universalism started in Europe hundreds of years ago.
Originally, all Unitarians were Christians who didn’t believe in the Holy Trinity of God (Father, Son and Holy Ghost). Instead, they believed in the unity, or single aspect, of God. Unitarianism eventually began to stress the importance of rational thinking, each person’s direct relationship with God, and the humanity of Jesus.

Universalists are Christians who believe in universal salvation. They don’t believe that a loving God could punish anyone to hell for eternity. Instead, they believe that everyone will be reconciled with God eventually.

The Universalist Church of America was founded by 1793, and the American Unitarian Association by 1825. In 1961, these denominations consolidated to form the new religion of Unitarian Universalism.

Since 1961, Unitarian Universalism has followed in the footsteps of its Unitarian and Universalist heritages to provide a strong voice for social justice and liberal religion.