We have a listening assistance system that works with your hearing aid and your smart phone.

Listen Everywhere                                                  

Grace Fellowship Hall is now in compliance with the hearing portion of the American Disabilities Act (ADA) by having installed equipment that can augment most hearing aids in listening to the Grace Fellowship Hall’s sound system. 

  1. How this usually works for someone with hearing aids AND a smartphone:  

    1.  On your smartphone, go to your app store and download
    the “Listen Everywhere” app.  You shouldn’t need your password for getting
    this because it is free.

    2.   Your hearing aids need to be connected to your phone via
    Bluetooth, such as for listening to music and to phone

    3.   Go to your settings app, open it to “wifi” and select
    “UUListenup!” network. Use the password “UUhearsalot”  Remember, passwords
    are case sensitive.

    4.   Then go to the “Listen Everywhere” app.  It will take
    about 30 seconds to load up, then it will offer two audio systems.  Select
    Audio NM6X.  You should start hearing augmented sound through your hearing

    5.    Next time, your phone should automatically remember the
    network and all you will need to do is launch the app and then select Audio

Plenty of help will be available from members of the congregation to assist you once you arrive at UU.