Speaker: Connie Ussery

Connie Ussery: Our mission, values and covenants

Fellowship President Connie Ussery reports on our new proposed mission statement, values statement and covenants.*

Unitarian Universalism emphasizes action on social issues, so these three statements are important. Members will want to hear them. (We’ll vote on them later.) Visitors will get a close look at … read more.

The UU Flower Ceremony

We celebrate life on our planet this Sunday, and especially renewal and springtime, with a traditional Unitarian Universalist ceremony. Rev. Norbert Capek, who founded the Unitarian ministry in Czechoslovakia, created the ceremony with his wife, Rev. Maja Capek. She escaped arrest by the Nazis and … read more.

Connie Ussery on refreshing our UU principles

Unitarian Universalists share commitments to human rights and care for the planet. We don’t share an immutable creed. Rather, we agree to support a set of principles, which the international Unitarian Universalist Association reviews every 15 years or so. That’s what’s happening now. Fellowship member … read more.