Topic: peace

Rick Spradlin: “The Dream of Peace”

Lay leader Rick Spradlin explores the enigma of peace. “Humanity’s desire for peace is rivaled only by its inability to hold onto it,” he says. In this service he’ll explore how we’re often led to war or left with no alternative.

Chandrika Phea: “For Peace Sake…”

Peace is our theme for May, and peace begins with us. Rev. Chandika Phea is an author, a speaker, an athlete and a friend of the Fellowship. She’ll talk about “words, the power we are and the contribution of both to the experience of peace.”

Joanie Andras: “The Dialogue of Peace”

Our theme for May is “Let there be peace,” and peace starts with us. Fellowship member Joanie Andras will explore how to talk with people of differing viewpoints. She’ll do that with a focus on the Second Principle of Unitarian Universalism: justice, equity and compassion … read more.