Joanie Andras on artificial intelligence and Buddhism

Fellowship member Joanie Andras teaches meditation and Buddhist studies at our Fellowship. She’s also a long-time student of philosophy and psychology. Joanie earned a doctorate in psychology in 1993, and she was ordained as a Buddhist nun in 2005. She’ll talk about how Buddhist teachings are relevant to the escalating influences of artificial intelligence.

Joanie Andras

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Who are we? You might describe our UU Fellowship as liberal or progressive, though these terms have become loaded with extra baggage. We’re certainly nondenominational. Our unofficial motto: “deeds before creeds.” As individuals, we do have beliefs, but our members subscribe to a range of religious, philosophical and ethical traditions. What we do share are a respect for the worth and dignity of all people and a respect for our planet.

Here’s what happens on Sundays. Services usually feature a speaker—either a member of the Fellowship, like Joanie, or a guest—who offers a presentation aligned with the Seven Principles of Unitarian Universalism. Services also include music, readings, meditation and a chance to share your own thoughts. Join us a little early for conversation.

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