Joanie Andras: “Be A Lamp Unto Thyself”

The Buddha said, “Be a lamp unto thyself.” It’s also the title of a Unitarian Universalist hymn. But what does it mean? Who better to explore that question from a Unitarian Universalist perspective than Joanie Andras? Joanie is an ordained Buddhist nun. She also teaches meditation and Buddhist studies at our Fellowship. Join us this Sunday to learn more.

Joanie Andras

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Services usually feature a speaker—either a member of the Fellowship or a guest. We usually focus on the Seven Principles of Unitarian Universalism, but our interests are wide-ranging. Services also include music, readings, meditation and a chance to share your own thoughts. And we’re done by noon.

Our UU Fellowship’s members don’t share a single creed. We do have beliefs, as individuals, but we subscribe to a range of religious, philosophical and ethical traditions. And some of us resist religious labels. What ties us together are commitments to human rights and to care for the planet. Our unofficial motto: “deeds before creeds.”


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